Career Advice

Healthcare Help Wanted – Everywhere!

Job Mouse November 12, 2020

The pandemic has created a situation in which healthcare workers are in high demand. Early in the pandemic, when the nation was staying home to flatten the curve, many hospitals and healthcare facilities faced the idea of looming layoffs as operating rooms and various departments sat empty in anticipation of large crowds of COVID-19 patients.

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High-Paying Jobs that Do Not Require Four-Year Degrees

Job Mouse October 15, 2020

Far too often, we’ve been led to believe that a four-year degree is necessary to have successful careers with great earning potential. That is hardly the case. These are a few high-paying jobs that do not require bachelor’s degrees to obtain.

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3 Reasons to Consider Manual Labor Jobs

Job Mouse September 11, 2020

When setting out on a career journey, it is important to take time to consider different types of careers and industries. Manual labor, although often looked down upon, can be a very profitable type of work. Manual labor is any kind of work that requires physical labor. Keep reading to learn 3 reasons to consider manual labor jobs.

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How to Overcome the Challenges of a Pandemic Job Search

Job Mouse August 17, 2020

With unemployment at a recent historic high, job seekers are wanting to know how to get back to work quickly. Being unemployed during a pandemic, though, carries with it its own particular challenges. Keep reading to find out how you can overcome the special challenges of conducting a job search during a pandemic.

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How to Identify Toxic Co-workers

Job Mouse July 13, 2020

Every workplace has them - toxic co-workers. The problem with toxic co-workers is that sometimes you can't really identify them until it is too late. You only really know you're dealing with a toxic co-worker after they drag you into their drama and causing trouble. Identifying toxic co-workers earlier can help you maintain your distance and your sanity. Keep reading to learn how to identify a toxic co-worker.

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